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Coffee breaks

Welcome coffee

CHF 6.00

Coffee breaks

Back to Nature

Coffee breaks
Be Happy

  • Coffee tea and croissants

Coffee breaks


CHF 8.00


CHF 8.00

  • Coffee and different types of tea
  •  Freshly squeezed orange juice
  •  Croissants, pastries or mini-sandwiches
  •  Vitamin-rich fruits
  • Coffee and different types of tea
  •  Homemade lemonade - a winner
  •  Delicious pastries
  •  Fresh fruit salad
  •  Yoghurt flips


CHF 11.00


CHF 12.50

  • Coffee and different types of tea
  •  Hot chocolate
  •  The best smoothies
  •  Freshly squeezed orange and kiwi juice
  •  Butter and chocolate croissants
  •  Mini-Deluxe-Sandwiches
  •  Bircher muesli with exotic fruits
  • Fresh fruit
  • Coffee and different types of tea
  •  Homemade natural lemonade - a winner
  • Brownies made according to the original recipe
  •  Fruit tarts
  •  Chocolate mousse
  •  Small canapés we salmon and air dried beef
  •  Vegetables delicious dips


CHF 9.50


CHF 12.00

  • Coffee and different types of tea
  •  Fresh multivitamin juice
  •  Wholemeal croissants
  •  Spelt bread buns with honey from Gäu
  •  Yoghurt with light cereal flakes
  •  Bircher muesli with your daily vitamin kick
  •  Crunchy fruit
  •  Nuts pumpkin seeds and salt flower seeds
  • Coffee, different types of tea and cold or hot Ovaltine
  • Homemade natural lemonade - a winner
  •  Raisin and oat rolls
  •  Vegetable sticks with light dipping sauces
  •  A light broth with garden herbs
  •  Prunes
  •  Selection of the most popular energy bars
  •  Pears and apples - the power fruits
  •  Bananas contain a lot of magnesium, they strengthen the nerves and lift your spirits

Farewell aperitif

Mezzora – the Mediterranean farewell aperitif

CHF 20.00


To nibble on

End your event or seminar on the perfect note.

For half an hour and for just CHF 20 per person

we will spoil and serve your guests with the following specialities and delicacies:

  • Nero D’Avola or Chianti - red wine
  • Pino Grigio - white wine
  • Fresh orange juice
  •  Homemade lemonade
  • Beer (also alcohol free)
  • Mineral water (San Pellegrino)
  • Smoked sausage from Tuscany
  • Green and red olives from Sicily
  •  Grilled courgettes and peppers
  • Focaccia with tomato pesto
  • Parmesan shavings


Finely prepared bite-sized appetizers.

Farewell drink

CHF 9.50

A glass of white wine or freshly squeezed orange juice with a slice of cheese quiche or ham croissant.


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