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Are you organising an event and would like to devote your time exclusively to your guests? Would you also like the culinary programme and fringe events to be something special? Then you've come to the right place! Not only can you host your event in the ideal banquet hall, but we also provide a wide array of creative ideas. Put us to the test! We are happy to work together with you in drawing up a concept, along with a cost estimate.

Celebrate your special occasions in keeping with the seasons.

We can offer you floral arrangements of springtime blossom, sunny summer, autumnal colours and cool wintry ideas for an unforgettable event.
We are more than happy to help you create your own menus.

Happy Birthday

A small party or a big party. A twin digit or centenary birthday. A colourful drinks reception or classic menu. We also creatively stage unusual ideas for (almost) every budget. Put us to the test!

Say Yes!

Exuberant all in white, shining in silver or glittering in gold - when it comes to weddings, our hearts skip a beat. We take the greatest care to make this day unforgettable for everybody in our beautiful rooms and in the garden full of flowers with festive decorations, fine food and a friendly service.

Clubs and Associations

For meetings, conventions and AGMs, we can offer flexible space for 4-100 people. Dinner at a discount. And for club events, we welcome all members and their families with a perfectly tailored programme and accompanying menus.

We are also happy to arrange events off our premises.

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The hot party favourite

If your celebrations include 4 - 30 people, then there is nothing better than our "Hot Stone".

Together you can enjoy the fun of preparing your own favourite dish right at the table.

Wholesome, hot, juicy and tender to the last bite. Grilling on a hot stone is a great way to cook – no need for fats or other ingredients. Whether you like bleu, saignant, à point or bien cuit – you are in charge.


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